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Though we are one of the largest used car dealerships in this region, we aren’t just another faceless corporation. We are a family owned and operated business that has been selling cars to Californians for three generations!

If you are a resident of Costa Mesa, CA you have probably heard of us. You might have heard our name since you were young, or passed by us recently, but if you ask about our reputation in Costa Mesa, CA, it’s a stellar one! When you work in the same place you live, the place where your children go to school, you have to give the highest level of customer service. We are intensely proud of what our family has done, because we can walk the street of Costa Mesa, CA with our heads held high.

As we have aged, we have grown. We are now competing at the highest level of dealership. That’s important because we want to be able to give you what the largest dealerships can afford to give, a great deal! At the same time there is something that they value less than we do, the family touch. America was built on family owned businesses, and we lose something when the owners don’t ever walk the lot, or see their stores. We combine the best aspects of the largest dealerships, and the humanity of the smaller ones. When you work with one of our team,  you feel like an extension of our family. 

If you’re looking for a new or used car in Costa Mesa, CA, come to Simpson used cars! 

We are big enough to deal, small enough to care!

Soon our dealership will have been here for almost a century, and in that time we have worked with thousands of families that are making some of the biggest decisions of their lives. If you’re visiting from Costa Mesa, Ca you have probably heard our name, because that is one of the communities we have a history with.

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People don’t often think of their finance department as part of the team. They think of the money guy as a problem and not part of the solution. Our Finance department is like the rest of our team, dedicated to our community, and maintaining the dealership's reputation by repeated support of our community. Residents of Costa Mesa, CA are just a short drive from where we started over seventy years ago, and many of our cars drive your streets.

Schedule Your Battery Test And Tire Rotation

People buy Chevrolets because they know that from subcompact, to big trucks, our cars excel! Yet in the life of a car there are difficult moments, moments when your car will need service and support. When that happens and you need a dedicated Service team, residents of Costa Mesa, CA don’t have to look any further than our store. 

It is easy to get overwhelmed when you are making a service decision. Sometimes you aren’t sure what a word means, or who the right person to ask is. One of the benefits of dealing with a store with almost a hundred years of experience is that we know cars, we know our product, and our technicians care about their work. 

When you come to our dealership, and go into our Service Department the feel is a unique one. We aren’t just another body shop, we’re a home away from home for all of our staff, and our customers. Your team will help guide you through the process, and get you home in no time!

Sales Team

Our team isn't just interested in selling you a car, but providing you the knowledge you need to make the best decision for your life. We are completely open to answering any questions you have, and hope you’ll browse our inventory online, if you’d like to schedule a test drive or set up an appointment, please give us a call!

If you don’t immediately see the model or trim you want on our website please give us a call and we can help you find the perfect match!

COVID-19 Updates


If you’re currently living in Costa Mesa, CA and are worried about shopping for a car during this pandemic, Simpson used cars wants you to know that we are able to help. Our team is taking precautions in order to make the dealership as safe as possible, but for those of you who choose not to come in, we are willing to make the process fully digital for you. If you have questions about how exactly that might be structured please contact us so that we can tailor a response specifically for your situation. 

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